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Includes the works, composed during the current time of the buildup to and the U. war on Iraq and its aftermath, of writers and artists. To listen to the radio, to put it off, to walk a bit, to think, to give up thinking, to look for the key, to wonder, to do nothing, to regret the passing of time, to find a solution, to want to go to the beach, to tell that the sun is coming down, to hurry, to go down with the key, to open the car’s door, to sit, to pull in the door, put in the key, turn it on, heat the engine, listen, to make sure nobody’s around, to pull back, to go ahead, turn rht, then turn left, to drive straht on, to follow the road, to take many curbs, to drive down the coast, look at the ocean, admire it, to feel happy, to go up the hill, to reach the other side, then go straht, to stop, to make sure that the ocean has not disappeared, to feel lucky, to stop the engine, open the door, to exit, to close the door, to look straht ahead, to appreciate the breeze, advance into the waves To wake up, to stretch, to get out of bed, to dress, to stagger towards the window, to be ecstatic about the garden’s beauty, to observe the quality of the lht, to distinguish the roses from the hyacinths, to wonder if it rained in the nht, to establish contact with the mountain, to notice its color, to see if the clouds are moving, to stop, to go to the kitchen, to grind some coffee, to lit the gas, to heat water, hear it boiling, to make the coffee, to put off the gas, to pour the coffee, to decide to have some milk with it, to bring out the bottle, to pour the milk in the aluminum pan, to heat it, to be careful, to pour, to mix the coffee with the milk, to feel the heat, to bring the cup to one’s mouth, to drink, drink again, to face the day’s chores, to stand and go to the kitchen, to come back and put the radio on, bring the volume up, hear that the war against Irak has started.

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As in Tolstoy’s novel, everything can go on— everything goes on—in war and peace. To get more and more impatient, to be hungry, to bite one’s nails, to wear a jacket, to open the door, walk down the hill, to look at the Bay, see boats, notice a b sailboat, to go on walking, to be breatess, to turn left, then rht, to enter the Sushi-Ran, to wait, to look at the waitress, to her, to rest one’s elbows on the table, to pull them back when the tea arrives, to order, to eat, drink, to use chopsticks, to be through, to wipe one’s mouth with the napkin, to read the bill, to count, to pay, to thank graciously, to exit, to start the road uphill.

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