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9/2/16 update: In lht of the sheet mask packing scandal that has been the talk of the AB community, I thought it’d be fun to feature some masks that aren’t affected.

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My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand whose manufacturing processes are automated and controlled within the company’s factories, as you can see in this video here.

My Beauty Diary <em>Sheet</em> Mask Reviews Part 1 The Reviewening

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FACTS: Please, please do not worry about using retinols during the day or after you’ve acid toned.

My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask Reviews Part 1 The Reviewening

I've also written thousands of prescriptions for it in that same period of time and I've helped the same number of patients integrate it into their skin care treatments." Just this last month I had interesting conversations with two of these patients, both of whom expressed gratitude for my recommending tretinoin and attributed the healthy condition of their skin to their years of tretinoin skin therapy: The first patient is a woman in her early 60s with rosacea and a history of skin cancer who said that she had more wrinkles 15 years ago when she started using tretinoin than she does today.Blenders on Pinterest

Tretinoin instruction shee:

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