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I was wondering if switching from paxil to cymbalta you.

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<strong>Cymbalta</strong> - Page 2 - Drug and Medication User Reviews on RxList

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I complained to my primary care physician that, while the Paxil CR (37.5 mg daily) was controlling my hyper-self-critical thoughts and general anxiety well, and that 1 mg of Lorazepam 3 times a day was controlling my panic attacks, over the past year, my depression has become more acute and frequent. I just feel like I'm in a constant state of fear, and my head (probably obviously) feels very weird. It's important that you know everything (or at least more than you know now) that's going on in your mind and body with the medication you're taking. I took it for 5 days and i was going nuts with all the side affects and my depression got worst.

Cymbalta question/switched to paxil **update** - Anxiety.

In the new year, it is time for me to make the Paxil switch - got my asthma under control, my sleep apena and working on my GERD. I took about 6 weeks to taper completely off the Paxil.Is it safe to just stop taking Paxil CR and switch directly to Cymbalta?

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