Nexium depletion

How Your Reflux Medication Affects Your Health Eat + Run US.

Nexium, proton pump inhibitors, anti-acids will deplete the Minerals in your body and cause most of the symptoms listed below.

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It can also cause Osteoporosis, Loss of Bone Density, Fractures and other health conditions.

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A wide range of drugs, from aspirin to estrogen to diuretics to stomach acid suppressors (such as Nexium and Prilosec) can interfere with the metabolism of one or more B vitamins, which can result in elevated levels of homocysteine.

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To return to where we started, it’s important to understand that acid reflux is NOT due to having too much acid in your stomach; rather, it's a condition related more commonly to hiatal hernia – a condition in which the acid comes out of your stomach, which is where it's desned to be confined to.My blog

Nexium depletion:

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