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Focusing on the works of Tatsumi Hijikata, Günter Brus and Rudolf Schwarzkogler, this paper examines the representation of the male body in post-war performance, demonstrating that butoh in Japan and Viennese Actionism emerged from a cross-cultural exploration of modernist concepts of abjection.

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Sensationalist accounts of the orins of butoh performance and Viennese Actionism in much English language literature have hindered rorous analysis of these artistic movements and have obscured serious discussion of the cross-cultural links that connected Japan and western Europe before and after the Second World War.

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A character having a heart attack and dying during sex, to the embarrassment and mortification of his or her still-living partner. If it's murder, then the er may do it to get their jollies, or because that's when their victim's defenses are completely down. The two men are given a choice: Death, or Unga-Bunga. Mitsuko Souma Novel Battle Royale

Mitsuko somas razor blade sex scene:

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