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Possible with zoloft, (sertraline) steroids, metrogel. More common in conditions treated by zoloft: anxiety, depression, menopause. Read more See 1 more doctor answer Memory loss is a symptom in which a person cannot re (remember) something that he previously learned.

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Timing of occurrence relevant to medications and conditions may suggest which if not all are contributing. Some memory loss is normal, such as not remembering facts learned in school years ago but not used since then.


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Head over to this page: 2. I have been taking Zoloft 50 mg daily for about a year now to address anxiety and depression. I CAN SEE SOMEONE THAT I HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS AND CAN'T REMEMBER THERE NAME. I HAVE LEARNED WITH THE MEDS THAT I TAKE TO MAKE LISTS.

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As I type this, my head spins, and I'm wondering it while poss.Effexor Constipation - Memory Loss! I Don't Think This Is Best! ~~~.

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