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I have similar types of pains in my elbows and ankles. You have various muscle and tendon pain in multiple locations across your body, and a doctor told you that this was coincidental? The problem does not seem to correlate with over use of the affected hand.

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I have been told that it is all coincidental and have done the route of physio, NSAIDs, etc. Are there any underlying medical reasons for tendonitis in multiple joints? However, I think I have found the cause of the problem - it is an allergy to one or more of the proteins found in milk.

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Drug-Induced Photosensitivity Background, Pathophysiology.

The antibiotic Levaquin is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections.

Tenosynovitis and Tendonitis in multiple

I JUST FINISHE AN EHT COURSE OF LEVAQUIN, AN ANTIBIOTIC, AND MY HAIR IS HAS BEEN NOTICEABLY THINNNER. Anonymous: Of course if you need an antibiotic for a bacterial infection you take it for the proper duration.Levaquin - Rexall

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