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The work of Pierre Ardouvin develops like an elliptical scenario of our disillusionment.

Performance Picks Loons, Waiting For the Bathroom, Live.

His poetry, often linked to popular culture, comes from a “disturbed” relationship with language and the world.

Performance Picks Loons, <strong>Waiting</strong> For the Bathroom, Live.

What's OK to eat after gallbladder removal? -

Lane Moore‘s celebrated show Tinder Live returns to Park Slope venue The Bell House for yet another amusing evening of dating mishaps and more.

Pierre Ardouvin "Brain Damage" at Galerie Chez Valentin, Paris.

Haitian-born Roland Sylvain (pictured with his family) came to the U. (Immrant Justice Network)All they could tell him is that it had something to do with a felony in Virginia.Ben recommends. BRAZOS BOOKSTORE

Lena allegra waiting room:

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