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If Soma is "Jesus Christ", who would be "Judas Iscariot.

Islam says that Jesus was a mere prophet, only a human messenger even within Islam—never mind that he lived six hundred years before Muhammad. Both preached peace, but ed for the sword, when necessary. In fact, many well-meaning western scholars also muddy the waters.

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9/11; violent protests over cartoons; many pushes to establish Islamic courts in Europe and Canada; demands to silence free speech, to criminalize criticism of the messenger of Allah; the President of Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map, and writing a long and confused rant, inviting the President of the US to accept Islam; the election of Hamas—these actions are easy to detect and decipher. In the name of peace and tolerance—which we all want—some lines are being blurred. However, this list of fifteen differences between Jesus and Muhammad disagrees with this insidious message. It is better to be clear than confused, and the typical message of Islam washes away clarity about Christianity and whitewashes its own message.

A <b>Soma</b> de Deus - Natielly Santos - VAGALUME

A Soma de Deus - Natielly Santos - VAGALUME

-- Angela Caddell started struggling with her Christianity 14 years ago when she came out as gay.

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Jesus of Nazareth—he is the Christ, the "Anointed One," or the "Messiah." The name "Jesus" is derived from the Hebrew-Aramaic word "Yeshua," meaning "Yahweh [the Lord] is salvation." The name "Christ" is actually a title for Jesus.Jesus Christ - Lord and Savior of the World

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