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Hi there, Starting in early January I've been trying to get a bit leaner. I realize I made this thread a LONG time ago, but I'm in pretty much the same place as I was then...

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I was coming from doing fairly lazy full body workouts 2-3 times a week for about a year, where my weht stayed about the same (pretty much just maintained). In January I started doing isolation lifting 5 times a week (each major part of the body 2x per week) with consistent 15-20 minutes of jogging after each workout. I'm going to start doing 20 minutes of HIIT after each workout (5 days per week) and get back on the HOT-ROX (although I will probably have to take a half dose) and see where that gets me. There are certainly more drastic measures I could take to lose fat, but it just seems to me like when you have been a constant weht for a year and change nothing but all of a sudden start getting a lot more exercise and (in theory, at least) upping you basal metabolism, you should lose some fat, no? not a lardass but still have some stubborn abdominal fat. I came off the Effexor for about a month, and with HOT-ROX I lost about 6-7lbs in 4-5 weeks but the anxiety came back so I went back on the Effexor.

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