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Based on the idea of ‘if it’s in the Bible, it must be true’, The Unicorn Museum promotes belief in the Biblical Truth of unicorns, a creature mentioned nine times in the KJV Bible.

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The Unicorn Museum is a parody of The Creation Museum, a relious-based institution which opened its doors in Petersburg, KY on May 28, 2007. Submit your ideas for a Unicorn Museum billboard desn.

Unicorn Museum Store

Unicorn Museum Store

Since we’re scientists and not all that artistiy-inclined, we’re putting the out to all of you to help us desn a billboard for the project and to help us vote on the best billboard out of those already submitted.

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But, as you pay your $19.95 and walk through the entry hall, there are clues that this is all a sophisticated sham.” (link) Wired Magazine In the Creation Museum, Enlhtenment Is the Fall “The ’s George Packer finds something far more sinister: a full assault on the Enlhtenment, one which portrays our rise from the Dark Ages as a form of falling.” Science Blogs Should You Take Your Kids to the Creation Museum?Buy Cheap Generic Ultram. Prescription Ultram -

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