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Hi, I'm just wondering if I'll still be showing ovulation sns like egg white CM, side pains, positive OPK' S while using Clomid.

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I thought I heard somewhere that you didn't but I just wanted to be sure. Some women get very dry on Clomid and when you use OPKs too close to when you finish your pills, you could end up with a false surge, but as long as you temp, you can confirm when and if you have ovulated and show you whether your fertile cm, or positive OPKs are correct. My doctor had mentioned tempting but I find that quite difficult since I often have to get up with my dog bw 3-6 am. So I never know when to actually temp, I was told it should be same time each day.

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Clomid and Ovulation If youve been trying to conceive for any length of time, youve most likely heard of the fertility drug, Clomid, short for Clomiphene citrate.

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In general, Clomid can help improve a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant with twins because it will encourage her to release more than one egg when she ovulates.Can I Take Clomid If I Already Ovulate? Baby Sounds Just.

Clomid when ovulating:

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