Best treatment for effexor xr withdrawals

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I have taken almost 2 months to slowly take myself off the drug and it’s horrible!

Effexor XR Discontinuation Syndrome-any way to minimize.

Mentally and emotionally I feel terrible but the physical withdrawal is the worst. I started taking really hh quality Omega 3 caps which help the brain manefestations (brain zaps, eyeball spinning, motion sickness). I've been taking ginger capsules for the nausea and dizziness and cold pack for headaches I have been reading these posted messages for many months. I knew before I started taking Effexor that it would probably be a mistake.

<b>Effexor</b> XR Discontinuation Syndrome-any way to minimize.

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What many people soon realize after they start taking Effexor is that – while it can help calm your acute emotional pains – in the end it won’t actually fix the cause of your problems. So you want to quit taking the drug and try another approach?

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Best treatment for effexor xr withdrawals:

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