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I have been taking it for almost two months and starting to think that all the symptoms I am experiencing are from the Prilosec. Heart takes off to 150/160 then back down - then back up but all heart test fine. They think this is causing everything but I still have questions. Alcohol definately makes it worse, but I don't think it is the cause. Hi all, Back in 2007 I was used Prilosec for 5 months for what was diagnosed as 'silent reflux'. I visited my primary care physician a couple weeks ago, and when i told him i was taking Nexium each day, he gave me an alarmed look and recommended i only take when symptoms occur. Instead, a pain started growing in my mid- to upper stomach, finally getting off the chart -- far more intense than any heartburn pain I experienced in the past.

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After all GI test have come back normal and all the test from my regular physician have come back normal, I want to quit Prilosec. I keep thinking I am going to die - that this is the start of some rare disease. Towards the end of that time I started getting weak finger nails (they would just peel off) and started to worry about the effects of stomach acid suppression. Is there any chance taking Prilosec for 5 months would've caused me any permanent damage, or would my stomach have resumed normal acid production after stopping the medication. I smiled, and said Doc, i hear ya, but those "symptoms" are REALLY uncomfortable. I told him that if i miss 1 day of taking Nexium, the pain hits me, and it lasts several hours. Yesterday, I stopped taking the prilosec to see if it was giving me gallbladder pain. I took a Pepcid that my wife had around, and the pain eventually settled down by late morning.

Omeprazole - Can <b>Prilosec</b> cause upper

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Sorry chest wheezing had colon check camera every thing fine last year but I feel the camera made me worse since I do suffer from disc problems rht leg pain pelvic bone pain and tummy pain have weak bladder Following a valve replacement and triple bypass I was discharged from Hospital with a number of drugs and a new one being Omeprazole.

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